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Miami Biennale Inaugural Exhibition:
Beyond the Erotic. From the Collection of Milagros Maldonado
December 1st, 2010 to June 30th, 2011

Essay on Permanence


Invention of Place

Erotic Instinct

Beyond the Erotic: Invention of Place

These artistic landscapes, proceeding from different geographical areas and artistic scenes, from varied dates, and from disparate individual poetics and talents, may, because of the very alienness of one to another, generate their analogies in the most advantageous direction. In their totality percolates the idea that landscape—the fragment of the world to which we apply the notion of landscape is irrelevant—is a human invention that always implies two questions: the imagination of place and aesthetic sensibility

The relation of man to nature and to his native land is comprehended in a specific and particular manner in each work in this series, including in those works of historical invention which pose problems of contemporary cultural and anthropological interest. We could add that in the narrow nexus manifested between artistic execution and the invention of place, all these works demonstrate that the concept of landscape always supposes an aesthetically positioned spectator.

José Gamarra José Gamarra Yao Lu Yao Lu Edouard Duval-Carrié Dionisio González
Armando Reverón Armando Reverón