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Miami Biennale Inaugural Exhibition:
Beyond the Erotic. From the Collection of Milagros Maldonado
December 1st, 2010 to June 30th, 2011

Essay on Permanence


Invention of Place

Erotic Instinct

Beyond the Erotic: Flows

Cohabitating without rancor in this collection of works are an ancient Hindu painting with Tantric symbology and one of the most daring reformulations of the notion of sculpture in contemporary art, just to mention the two examples which could be the most radically distant from each other. Yet these works do evince a kind of continuity and by extending the vision of the concerns and motivations which recur in the collection in its entirety, place other works on a wholly different plane.

Is the place and role of a work of art within human experience primarily determined by the artistic problems it seeks to address? Are evocations of specific cultural contexts in the individual mythologies of artists still important to the current processes of the production and global reception of art? Does the possibility still exist, as the modern art aspired, of relating “the moment of form” present in every artistic endeavor and what has traditionally been called the human spirit?

El Anatsui Edouard Duval-Carrié Tantric devotional painting Gonzalo Fonseca María Fernanda Cardoso Consuelo Castañeda
Ramón Alejandro Francisco Toledo José Gamarra Jacobo Borges Leo Matiz Leo Matiz
Wifredo Lam Wifredo Lam Marta María Pérez-Bravo Atelier Morales Atelier Morales Atelier Morales
Atelier Morales